Membership Rules

  • Membership grants digital access to the facility with your cellphone during closed hours
  • Cancel anytime (not prorated)
  • Member must be present for any tee time booked
  • Memberships paid in advance receive 5%-15% discounts
  • Book 1 or 2 hour time slots.  All times can be reserved 15 days in advance
  • Members can bring ANY guest as long as the member is present (maximum 4 players)
  • 2 hours can be reserved at any time, together or individually – Exception: if one hour is booked, there must be two hours between individual one-hour bookings
  • A new reservation can be made 45 minutes after the first reservation started (this will allow for an extended stay if another bay is open)
  •           EXAMPLE 1:  a member can make a reservation on Monday at 9:00 am for 60 minutes and another reservation on Thursday at 9:00 am for 60 minutes (two 9 hole rounds for two or more people or 18 holes for single player)
  •           EXAMPLE 2: a member can make a reservation for 18 holes by booking consecutive times (9:00 am & 10:00 am)
  • A $50 penalty may be applied to 3 or more missed appointments per month

—— Membership Packages


Youth Membership 1

Standard Membership

$239 Per month

  • Unlimited 2 hours of golf for you and up to 3 other guests

Youth Membership

(18 and below) $159 Per month

  • Unlimited 2 hours of golf for you and up to 3 other guests
Youth Membership 2
Night Only Membership

Night Only Membership

(10pm – 6am) $99 Per month

  • Unlimited 2 hours of golf between designated hours for you and up to 3 other guests
  • 50% off regular 2 hour rate once a month (Example: book a 2 hour time slot for $50 once each month)
  • Member will be able to schedule tee times only between the hours  of 10:00 pm – 6:00 am (a 6:00 am tee time is only good for one hour ending at 7:00 am) (if a member wants an early 18 holes, a 5:00 am tee time is recommended)

Corporate Membership

(3 User ID’s) $399 Per month

  • Unlimited 2 hour golf rounds for 3 separate users and their guests (up to 3 guests per user)
  • Corporate membership can reserve two bays together for 2 hours once each month (This applies per corporate membership, not per corporate user)
  • Membership rules still apply per membership, not per corporate user. One corporate user will not be able to book a tee time until 45 minutes into another users 2 hour time slot. If only one hour is booked by a user, another member or the same member can book another hour if it is not within 2 hours of each other.
corporate plan


Welcome to The Golf Stop, the easiest way to play your favorite game.


No matter if you’re practicing for the upcoming tournament, or need a quick work getaway, The Golf Stop is your destination.


Our menu serves a variety of beers and seltzers. Pair these with our food or snack items for a quick bite.

—— Facility Hours

We Are Open 24/7

With Membership access you can now enjoy your favorite pastime 24 hours a day. Check our calendar to see what times are available. Walk-in and hourly appointments are available 8 am – 10 pm. Concessions and alcoholic beverages are served daily from 8 am – 10 pm.